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Feb 11, 2013 8:00am EST
programming next week. >> coming up next, new mexico governor susana martinez gives her state of the state address. then representatives from defense and nondefense groups hold a news conference to discuss their joint effort to stop the automatic spending cuts called sequestration set to take effect next month. after that, a look at the future of medicare including how the affordable care act effects beneficiaries, health care plans and providers. and later, the senate returns at 2 p.m. eastern to continue debate on reauthorizing the domestic violence law called the violence against women act. [applause] >> now, a state of the state address by new mexico governor susana martinez. she talks about lowering business tax rates, improving childhood literacy and repealing a law that gives driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. susana martinez was elect inside 2010. she's the first female golf -- female governor of new mexico. [cheers and applause] [applause] >> thank you. >> governor, on behalf of the state of new mexico, we welcome you. it's a pleasure to have you, and we're honored wit
Feb 3, 2013 9:00am EST
title of the epic poem that he wrote simply means the history of new mexico. it is the earliest first-hand account and was published in madrid and 1610. the original copy is here in our history library as part of the museum of new mexico. the third dominant culture are the americans who came here. remember, santa fe was spanish for more than 200 years. for more than 25 years were part of mexico after the united states fought a war company became a u.s. territory in the santa fe trail of dead, bringing in americans for the first quote, unquote men and to this part of the world and so the impressions of some of those early traders and settlers who came across the santa fe trail are an important part of our literature because they recorded their experiences and impressions of santa fe, the old royal city. many of them could not believe that her royal city had houses made of mud. there's little bit of culture shock. others took to the exotic feel of the place in the beautiful mountain setting right away and that is true even today. santa fe inspire stronger motion. for example, a man name
Feb 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
history of new mexico and its capital, a city resting at an altitude of almost 7,000 feet whose name means hope and faith in spanish. we will travel in and around this town of 80,000 to meet with local lawyers to learn about the unique cultures, personalities and history of the city and state that dates back 400 years to the times of colonization attempts by the spanish. all this and more as booktv and our comcast cable partners take you to santa fe. >> we're here in the palace press. james mcgrath morris and these are early printing presses. it seemed like a perk picked -- perfect place to talk about the man revolutionized american newspapers. webmac first started working on a boat people would react with recognition when i said i was writing about joseph pulitzer the clear from their expressions they knew the name but nothing about his life because pulitzer shares his fame with alfred nobel for a prize that he endow but not for what he did in his life. few people remember that alfred nobel was an explosives or ammunitionmaker and you understand the significant role that joseph
Feb 11, 2013 8:30am EST
of new mexico. skeptics said we could not balance the budget without east a massive -- without either a massive tax increase or making deep cuts to classroom spending and to medicaid. but we came together in a bipartisan manner, and together we proved the skeptics wrong. [applause] for two years in a row, we compromised and passed good, balanced budgets. we protected critical priorities like classroom spending and basic health care for the most vulnerable. we protected childcare for working moms, school clothes for kids in need. and let's remember we accomplished all of this without raising taxes. [applause] not only did we eliminate the deficit, we created a surplus. this wasn't a republican accomplishment or a democratic accomplishment. it was an accomplishment we achieved together. the next year we used those surplus tax dollars wisely. we put some in our state savings account, increasing our reserve levels. we used some to increase funding for education, targeting reading and early childhood initiatives. we used a portion of the surplus to cut taxes, to create more jobs by
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm EST
: where? >> i got a visa from the university of new mexico. i flew with a dollars in traveler's checks in my pocket. when i landed, i was $5 short for my ticket. an american man behind me gave the $5. that was my first impression of america. that people are generous and helpful here. tavis: the extra $5 got you to new mexico. >> right. tavis: but when you get here, your english is not so good. >> yes, i tried to learn more, but i could not remember anything. tavis: so you soldiered to new mexico. it is one thing when you do not have any money, but you cannot speak the language. when you get to new mexico, how do you navigate your way through? how do you make this work? >> all right, first, i studied english as a second language. the connections to the homeland, i knew i could not go back. i knew i had to stay here. i stayed with my english teacher so that i could learn more english quickly, and then i observed that my english teacher could not find a job with a ph.d. in literature. tavis: that is not funny, but it is. >> so i thought i was going to study comparative literature,
Feb 3, 2013 6:30am EST
, really from new mexico except for george bush the elder, to the atlantic ocean. not one. in that same year that they spring up then, and not only to dominate the brand of southern republican party, but to dominate the national republican party along the lines of the language that george wallace had invented, and handed over to them. that senior lyndon johnson met in atlantic city, in the chapter i have here, to me it's amazing this is not more news. i have written in detail as i can, he had a nervous breakdown because he's trying to do little delegates from mississippi, and to see all the regular white democrats from mississippi who would publicly pledge to vote for goldwater, the democratic delegates said they would vote for goldwater, and most of them started switching party instantly but he wanted to defeat them anyway. and the mississippi freedom democrats, they walked out because they didn't think it was fair. and karl sanders and one of the conversations you can hear, and john connally, called lyndon johnson and told them if you would even let those two symbolic, the whole
Feb 10, 2013 9:30am EST
, if we're truly going to reflect america. >> deep roots in new mexico. my family has been there for 400 years. we know that at least 12 generations, we're doing a little more research, identified 13, probably by the time i'm done we'll be able to show that my family goes back 16 generations in new mexico. >> with her election, lujan grisham continues her family's political legacy. >> my grandfather was the first hispanic chief justice in the state. my cousin was actually a republican member in congress and the secretary of interior and my father was the first public health dentist in new mexico. and my mother was one of the first advocates for special education and appropriate home services for children with disabilities. so i come at this naturally and also enjoy a really long, wonderful career advocating for women and families. >> women's issues are important to lujan grisham. >> job creation and the economy, these are women's issues. we're often the last line of the economic security for our families, we're still fighting for equal pay, it affects our ability to do education and
Feb 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
explored the historical and literary culture of santa fe new mexico with the help of comcast. keep watching for more from the area. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm rob dean,ed did for of the santa fan, the daily newspaper that serves santa fe, new mexico, an institution that is 164 years old and we are in the offices of the santa fe new mexican. i'm also the editor of a book published in 2010 called santa fe. its 400th year, exploring the past, defining the future. the book had a humble beginning. it was not at first designed as a book. it began as a series of newspaper stories to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of santa fe. in 1959, the publisher and editor of the new mexican had the presence of mind to ask a pulitzer winning novelist, oliver he far to write about santa fe's history as it emerged through the pages of the santa fe new mexican. he published a book called, secretary the, the autobiography of a southwestern town. at that time 110 years was news as reported in the santa fe new mexican. the books we published in 2010 served a a nice book end to that v
Feb 3, 2013 7:30pm EST
more information, santa fe, new mexico and other cities local content vehicles. go to content. >> up next, someone talks about dinners hosted by winston churchill during and after world war ii, which is used to persuade world were leaders on various matters. it's about 45 minutes. >> good evening. thank you for coming. i'm delighted to see you here to talk about my new book, "dinner with churchill: policy-making at the dinner table." since i book is about the importance of dinner, i will be brief. i just want to whet your appetite so that go buy my book. those try another sentence. i have lived with winston churchill for four years and it was wonderful, even though that took place in the frigid archives at churchill college. i'm often asked ray got the idea for another book on churchill to ask the thousands are to britain. when i read about this fascinating man and his important accomplishments were achieved at dinners. sometimes that lunch is. as i began to wonder why that was so come away most of the deal struck as the famous international conferences held duri
Feb 3, 2013 3:00pm EST
from spain and established santa fe as the capitol of the province of new mexico. mexico was ceded to the united states and 1848 as part of the treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo and mexico became a state in 1912. throughout this time, santa fe remained the capitol city. booktv brings you more from the area with the help of comcast next. >> we are here today in the press and behind me stand some printing press and this seems like a perfect place to talk about the man that revolutionized american newspapers. when i first started working on the book people reacted with recognition, but it's clear from their of expression they knew the name and not anything about its life because the pulitzer shows him being well known for the prize that he endowed but not for what he did in his life. very few people remember that he's an explosive munitions maker and very few people understand the significant role that he played in american history. like some of the giants of the 18th-century carnegie, morgan, rockefeller, all these people was a critical moment in history which is the industrial age. that's
Feb 3, 2013 4:30pm EST
. >> for more information on booktv's recent visit to santa fe, new mexico, go to >>> and now, general stanley mcchrystal discusses his memoir, "my share of the task." in the book the former commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan recounts the major turning points in his 34-year military career which ended in 2010. this is about an hour. [applause] >> well, thank you very much. thanks for coming out. i think this is a wonderful opportunity. the gentleman sitting next to me is kind of a big deal. [laughter] for anyone who is, pays attention to american foreign policy and military affairs, you know that ever since the attacks on this country on 9/11 the united states has had to evolve militarily, in our intelligence community, in many ways to meet the challenge of this new enemy. and more than anyone that i can think of, general mcchrystal has been responsible for shaping that evolution and developing the what i call the targeting engine which is what we have, i think, adopted as our primary method of defending the country. so thank you for being here,
Feb 8, 2013 5:30am PST
miles in legs from the four corners region from arizona, new mexico, colorado and california meet down to the chijuajua area of new mexico. there was one excavation along the way i remember out in the desert nears winslow, arizona. the desert out there is just a still life with a few landmarks on the horizon and this empty hole, the little colorado river desert, the painted desert, and we were working on a 500-room pueblo dating back to about 1400 ad. i just remember the wind just hailing down on us for days and you would be working down with trowels inside of a trench and if you stop for too long, the sand would start to fill up your hole again because it was blowing so much and everybody was turned away from the wind. so it looked like some kind of religious thing was going on here, all these people bowed to the ground for days and days tinkering with some unimaginable smallness in front of them while the wind just pushed harder and harder, sand blasting across you, filling up all the rooms that you just emptied out as if the desert is rolling back over itself. because even wher
Feb 7, 2013 9:00am EST
prevent terrorist attacks. >> the new mexico senator tom udahl is one of seven senators that signed a letter that led to the classified legal opinions release. he joins me now. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to be with you this morning. >> apologies. we are late. the president was late in his speech at the prayer breakfast. let me start with the administration's decision. is this a no? >> i think this is encouraging to release the documents to the committees. i want to be sure that i am going to be able to see them and any senator is going to be able to see them. >>> you? you are not on the intelligence committee. are they going to release these to any member who wants to see them? >> at this point i think they are trying to restrict it and i think all of them are pushing back and we will get to see them. >> the surprising thing to me on this entire issue has been how few members of congress have wanted a role in this oversight or at least publicly expressed this, is it a minority view or are there members who do want to have more oversight over the drone program
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
and applause] - next up, diandra barnwell from albuquerque, new mexico. [cheers and applause] - i'm diandra barnwell, and i'm from albuquerque, new mexico. i just recently graduated from the fashion institute of design and merchandising. i was fortunate enough, when i was younger, to grow up in europe. that experience really ignited my passion for fashion, art, and all things culture. you don't have to come from a big city. you don't have to come from a lot of money. but if you're willing to sacrifice, take a risk, and stand up for who you are, dreams do come true, and today is the beginning of mine. [cheers and applause] - and finally, from chicago, illinois, kristina leng. [cheers and applause] - hi, everyone. my name's kristina leng. i'm 26 years old, from chicago, illinois. i'm an ex-division one college ice hockey player/ fashion design major. over the last few years, i have seriously struggled on finding my path in life. currently, i'm working as a bartender, server, promotional model, and stylist just to get by, and i'm just very thankful to be here, competing for this amazin
Feb 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
>> for more information on tvs recent visit to santa fe, new mexico another city visited by her local content vehicle, visit content. ..a?xx i first came to washington, d.c. in 2000 as a congressional correspondent for the associated press. after spending several years in colombia south carolina and albany new york. now, i am originally from mississippi, the son of two public school teachers come in and being from mississippi, the one thing my parents made sure that i knew was my history. it was almost a state requirement in mississippi to know where you came from. so, when i left mississippi to go to south carolina, i had this desire to history and i studied the history of south carolina. i didn't the same thing when i went to upstate new york. i got involved in learning the african-american history of upstate new york which, by the way, is very vibrant. a lot of the underground railroads ended in upstate new york city have a very vibrant african-american community and history up there. but when i left albany new york to come to washington, d.c., and i knew i
FOX News
Feb 3, 2013 1:00am PST
citizens of new mexico. i am extremely proud of the sheriffs from the new mexico sheriff's association that stood up with me in the capital earlier last month and stated that we would not enforce those laws. >> judge jeanine: and sheriff arpaio you have been called the toughest sheriff in america. what do you think we he should do to get illegal guns off the street? >> we should enforce the laws if it is illegal, protect the constitution. throw some extra years at people that use weapons in the commission of the crimes. and be vigilant. don't ignore information you get from people that are going to do havoc like in the recent situation in connecticut. i sent out my volunteer armed posse over 500 to patrol the schools and by the way, i have the third largest sheriff's office in the country with 4 million people with thousands of federal agents. i don't think i'm going to lock up federal agents but i'm not going to knock on doors to take guns away from private citizens. >> judge jeanine: sheriff, do you think that that is what the so-called federal gun grab is? it will be a door are to d
FOX Business
Feb 24, 2013 2:30am EST
phone towers and broadcast stations. solid growth and here in the united states and new mexico and india. pricey >> bill, emac would never have to worry about gas prices with that stock. >> she would be up around 10,000 percent. that is too late and expensive. >> there is it a lot of oil and well companies. this makes a profit. >> you like tt. >> i do. it girates on acquisition and may be a target. don't buy it as it is moving up. you may be overpaying. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. the number one block continues with cashin'. >> serving up mr. ed. >> food inspectors could find themselves out of work. >> what about the food, and fur lows and air traffic controllers and food inspectors. >> impacting the people who work in the food staste. >> you think we are eating horse meat? our gang said cut it out. what is on our plate is fine. what we are about to pay for is is finer. hack attack. we owe china money but does that mean they own our back bone. carbin' in is kicking off right now. >> hi, everyone. i am jiry willis in for eric boling. our carbin' in jew.
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am EST
, these are trip advice areas top five picking. napa valley's bard da season know, hawaii, new mexico's innerof the five. >>> and history making. original works from one of the first known african-american writers. plus if you're a packrat or hoarder, this story is for you. and a skier with a wildly exciting back flip. we'll have the story. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. in texas packrats beware. one houston home went up in smoke after an unintended grill sparked a fire on the property. firefighters said the home was heaped with several feet of clutter. >>> elsewhere in texas a doctoral student was shocked to find a forgotten poem by one of the earliest african-american writers jupiter hammon. it gives a new look into his beliefs into slavery. >>> no time for ashes? no problem. congregations some several areas indicatored to the busy patrons by drive-by blessings so people don't have to get out of the car. >>> drivers in boston have found creative ways to save their parking spaces after last week's blizzard left so ma
Comedy Central
Feb 27, 2013 10:30am PST
the volunteers whether it's in el paso driving up towards new mexico or calling down they want to focus on texas. we're going to bring the fight to texas and make the a battleground state so that anybody that wants to be the commander in chief, they have to fight for texas. >> stephen: what do you mean the demographic shifts are happening? that's just liberal you've mixes for hispanics and black people d you've ms.ims deuphemisms for hispanics and black people. if you look. [laughter] >> if you look at the state it's not just about the demographics it's the turnout. only 54% of the latinos were registered to vote and only 35% turned out. with only 50% of a population turns out to vote you get a government in texas. it for half the people and by half the people. we plan to change that it's not the demographic shift in the future it's the folks there in the future. >> stephen: you are reaching tout african-americans and hispanics? >> of course, and young people, women, across the state. >> stephen: you are a racist. >> what i want to do in texas is make the people there part of demo
Feb 13, 2013 4:30am EST
out there, a little chilly with new mexico's standards. baltimore, again, a chance of rain and snow showers will be later today. >> and i'll have an update on the forecast for that weekend storm coming up. >> all right. thanks so much, bill. >>> well, straight ahead, no power and just a handful of working toilets equals misery for 4,000 carnival cruise passengers. >>> plus, a fresh senator getting slapped down by veteran colleagues. "early today" is back in two minutes. >>> welcome back. here are some other stories making news this morning. chuck hagel is one step closer to becoming secretary of defense. the senator armed services committee approved his nomination along party lines 14-11. hearings became heated after texas senator ted cruz suggested hagel received money from what he called quote extreme and radical groups. >> this senator feels like that senator cruz has gone over the line. he basically has impugned the patriotism of the nominee. >> senator hagel is an honorable man. he's served his country and no one on this committee at anytime should impugn his character or his i
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
did not do the crime would be lost to the state. >> her daughter was murdered in new mexico. >> is truth that makes sure we are convicting the guilty. >> 28 states and the federal government used the same procedures. a arrested in 2009 for first- degree assault, police matched it to the dna from the unsolved rape of a woman. police had no reason to suspect him in the crime. some agree it violated his protection against unreasonable search and seizure. >> the fourth amendment ho presumptively requires that when the government conducts a search, it have a warrant or some level of individualized suspicion. in this case, the government had neither. >> they argue that dna as a potent tool, it brings concerns of how far police want to go. >> everybody that comes to get a driver's license? it is effective, right? another asked, you would not suggest the state would swap students? >> it would be the primary means of identification. >> the question that justices as during argument, it is expected in june. >> 88 households will not receive more than $1 billion in damages after a gas bill con
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 2:00am PST
portions of colorado also across northeastern portions of new mexico and texas and oklahoma panhandle. we are talking significant snowfall accumulation possible up to a foot of it. eventually the storm system heads up the east coast and we have another nor' easter wednesday night into early thursday morning. good news it will be a lot weaker than the last one. >> checking the calendar for spring. >> when is it coming? >> soon. >> now it is time to entertain this. tmz reporting one of the stars of the show storage wars has apparently tank his own life. he had previously been arrested two-days before for a drug related offense. anna s an autopsy is scheduled for today. >>> to a happier story swimsuit models making a big splash in new york city. they revealed the top 10 list last night. >> three recent employer's measurements. >> how does brent mussberger describe you. >> and kate he want ton. >> where is the strangest place you snchl inaudible n. (. >> alyssa miller says she will be live on fox and friends. this former nfl star has gone from dancing with the stars to shuffling with zombies.
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm PST
essentially a blank page. there were no names on it from florida or nevada or new mexico or any of the other places this investigation would eventually lead him, at least not yet. >>> chapter one of this whodunit closes with more questions than answers. detectives don't even know who the major characters are. so the investigation begins close to home with the dead man's on-again/off-again wife. >> you don't want to believe the mother of your grandkids would ever be a suspect. >> but a wife as a potential person of interest is just the beginning in this cross country tale of love gone wrong. [ laughs ] now this is a test drive. whoa! you really feel all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month! silverado was also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now get 0% financing for 60 months, plus trade up to get $1,750 total allowance on a silverado all-star edition. or trade up and choose customer cash plus option package discount for a total value of $7,250. a big treehouse or a small tre
Feb 24, 2013 11:10pm EST
eastern new mexico. the oklahoma and texas panhandles have blizzard warnings out now and severe weather out ahead of it, north and west of dallas and more strong storms along the gulf coast. those two systems are going to combine to give us the next active weather stretch on tuesday. clear and cold tonight. no worries tonight and no worries tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. everything gets interesting on tuesday. tuesday morning, the clouds rushing in. that pink and blue out there in the shenandoah valley, that could be a period of freezing sleet, rain or snow. lunchtime, all rain around town. that risk or threat of freezing snow and freezing rain out there could linger through most of the late morning into the early afternoon hours on tuesday before everything changes to rain. monday, nothing to worry about. clear and cold to get you started. temperatures in the upper forts to near 50 degrees. 50 tomorrow and an 80% chance of rain, sleet and snow on tuesday. then just regular showers, lots of warm air coming in with this system. so even if it starts as snow, it should end as all rain. it w
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
ackerman passed away at her new mexico home saturday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. she was superintendent of the public schools from 1998 through 2000 and is credited with raising test scores and reducing administrative costs. >>> the former chancellor of schools in the district michelle rhee is opening up about how she handled the firing of several teachers and principals in 2008. rhee said she did the right thing by making the cuts but should have done it differently. in 2008 she fired dozens of school employees, many of those principals fired on national tv. now she says she shouldn't have done that on national tv. >>> in maryland prince george's county school officials wouldn't exclusive rights created by staff members and students proposing the work should be copyrighted. now that so many teachers use school ipads for lesson plans and class work. it's worried that will stifle creativity. copyrighting is common for work created by professors and college students. >>> coming up a final check on the forecast. >> cold conditions sticking around, but a warm-up is on the way
Feb 12, 2013 2:30pm PST
moment of silent prayer for pope benedict. from the philippines to nigeria and mexico, news of the pontiff's's resignation spread around the world. though the news caught the faithful by surprise, many catholics expressed sympathy for benedict's condition. >> he needs a rest. he has done a lot. it is a sign of humility on his part to pass on the responsibility of leading all the world's catholics. >> benedict said he no longer had the strength to carry out his ministry. those were historic words. he is the first pope to abdicate in almost six centuries. this german cardinal believes the move could signal a new era for how future popes will deal with the responsibility of the office. >> in contrast to others in the church and in society, benedict is not clinging to power. rather, he understands that it is an authority that was conferred upon him that he must exercise for the greater good of the entire church. that is already considerable speculation about who will succeed the pope. one candidate is the current cardinal secretary of state. other top candidates might include the canad
Feb 28, 2013 2:30am PST
to springfield, missouri. spokane, washington. lubbock, texas. gallup, new mexico. paramus, new jersey. purchase tickets now, online or at participating convenient stores. tickets nonrefundable. >>> good morning. i'm mark halperin and this is "way too early." thanks for being with us. on this thursday, february 27th. >>> i can't sweat the small stuff. i got a state to rebuild. >> we'll show you how responded at length to being left off the invite list. >>> some moving testimony on capitol hill as loved ones on those killed in the newton massacre speak out. >>> our top story live here in new york city. you're looking here at some live pictures from the vatican. pope benedict xvi is stepping down today. this morning the 85-year-old pontiff is spending a few moments exchanging words with the cardinals before he heads out on a helicopter to the papal residence south of rome. >>> all right, now to developments on the civil war in syria, roughly about an hour from now, secretary of state john kerry is expected to announce a u.s. policy shift when it comes to aiding the rebels. kerry i
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 9:00pm EST
governor of new mexico. continues to fight for liberty one of the people who tell me about liberty. why didn't you when? [laughter] >> i think the biggest factor in this race was voting to lesser of two evils, afraid that ron was going to win, vote for obama. fred obama's going to win, so for romney. a big disconnect between those that describe themselves as libertarian and the libertarian. john: why? >> i don't know given the fact, given the fact that really it is cool to be libertarian. it is cool to be socially excepting and fiscally conservative. john: you made me laugh the other day saying it's cooler to the libertarian and republican. >> that is certainly true. john: is a cool to be a republican on campus? >> no. john: cool to be a democrat? >> no. john: i don't believe you. on campus. >> that might be a little wishful thinking. and senate -- on sure a lot of colleges think it's better to be a democrat and republican. there is a lot of understanding in the united states, first that the old rules, anti-gay rules, anti-drug rules and things are going to be washed away. and ther
Feb 20, 2013 4:00pm EST
area, all before 5 inches of snow. even into portions of new mexico and the mountains here in southern california. saw some snow today. and portions of new mexico and arizona. our big area of low pressure spinning out there. but ahead of it, warm, humid air. shower and thunderstorm activity here in the south. they're going to see severe weather. louisiana, mississippi, alabama tomorrow. snow out to the midwest. this precip is going to head to our region. looks like friday afternoon or evening, we'll probably start seeing some of that precip moving in, in the form of snow, sleet and even a little freezing rain before it can warm up. high pressure moves off the east coast. here comes the precip. warm air over top of the cold air. for a while, friday night into early saturday, we'll see a little frozen precip. don't think it's going to amount to a whole lot. but it could get slick before it warms up, with just rains here on saturday. winds strong tomorrow. gusts up to 30 knots. bay temp around 38. tonight, it's called clear to partly cloudy. down to 21 normal low. now 27. still b
Feb 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
of new mexico. that's right. congressman pierce is going to the birds. literally. he tweeted that he's staying home in new mexico because "a public hearing on the chicken is the same day as the state of the union. no
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
of the stops we made in roswell new mexico. >> where are we today? >> you won't find it on that map. alien territory. the first thing alien under the new mexico sky that we could see is gas under 3 bucks a gallon. then you get to roswell. >> found a bunch of debris of a spaceship, a flying saucer, or however you want to put it. >> that's their story and they are sticking with it. and they have since july of 1947 at approximately 1:47 p.m. >> you believe this absolutely happened? >> absolutely. >> a lot of people who were there say it is true. >> the gentleman who started the museum was at the base at the time and he was the one that was ordered to release to the associated press than a saucer had crashed >> later, the story changed to a weather balloon. ever since then there have been cries of conspiracy and coverup, which they will show you at the ufo museum and research center. >> we deal with some of the most brilliant minds here. and then we deal with those who fell out of a tree and hit every branch on the way down. so, you have to have a sense of humor. we do not try to convin
Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
. in colorado, nevada new mexico, florida, they voted for it. democrats really want it. you're right republicans really need it. i think that's probably a good equation for getting it done. number one. but number two look, the fact that there are 500,000 latinos turn 18 every year. yes, for your viewers they're all citizens of the united states turning 18. you saw the electoral map and the swift changes being made given this demographic change. they have to respond because in two years there will be latinos registered to vote in this country. so look, i think the republican party, you know who said it best? let's give him credit, john mccain. he was my partner in 2005. i and congress flake now senator flake introduced it in the house and senator kennedy introduced comprehensive immigration reform. you saw what he said last week. why are you doing it? he said, politics. one word. politics. but you know what, what does that really mean? let's extrapolate a little bit. in other words those people won't vote for us if we don't do this. i want to have the ability to talk to them and garne
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